A Premiere Travel Nanny

Hiring Process

Theme Park Nannies are recruited, interviewed, and observed with children prior to joining. Many applicants find us through word of mouth.

Fully Vetted

Every Theme Park Nanny undergoes a thorough background investigation covering criminal, motor vehicle, and sex offender databases. Personal and professional references are fully verified.

Professionally Trained

Theme Park Nannies has developed a rigorous household training course based on nearly a decade of experience training and managing household employees in a demanding market. 

Experiential Travel Childcare

Upon completion of the professional training program, the few remaining Nannies begin their proprietary training course in our speciality philosophy of travel childcare.  


With backgrounds ranging in education, Special Needs experience, lifeguards, foreign languages, former theme park employees; a Theme Park Nanny must love kids and the hospitality industry.

Smart Attire

Our Nannies can be spotted at 4 and 5 star hotel resorts and amusement parks wearing their uniforms and signature Theme Park Nanny Packs.

No One Wants a Nightmare Nanny

Everyone Has a Story. We've Seen and Heard It All. Tell Us What Concerns You About Hiring a Nanny And We'll Tell You How Our Nanny Training Ensures We Avoid Those Scary Scenarios.

What Do You Never Want to Hear?