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What Is Experiential Travel Childcare?

Experiential Travel Childcare is our signature method of caring for children and families in a mobile setting. For children too young to partake in resort childcare facilities, we provide an on-site alternative for families. Our proprietary training program prepares Nannies to engage with your children on their level without the use of screen time. Whether serving as a Mother's Helper at an amusement park or playing make believe at a hotel, your child's time in our care will be enriching and developmentally appropriate.

How Much Does It Cost?

The amount of your Experiential Travel Childcare plan depends on you! We cover the cost of the Nannies' tickets to the parks they service as we have specifically trained them on-site using our proprietary method, prior to their meeting with you. Your package includes the amount for the Travel Nanny, Booking Fee, and add-ons such as strollers. Our Nannies are paid a living wage, and are groomed for providing care anywhere.

Who Is This Service For?

We do not know who will love it more- you or your kids! Whether you are a Homeschooling Stay At Home Mom, or have three Nannies, we know that every parent needs a break on their much-deserved vacation. Where a difference may occur could be the definition of what a break means for each parent. For some parents, grabbing dessert and coffee while the children are with the Nanny standing in line is all the break they need. For other parents, just having a Nanny available to watch over the older children while the mother attends to feeding the baby is a huge help. It's your vacation, your way, we are at your service. 

Why Call Concierge Marie?

Well to begin with, the introductory call is free! Our Concierge Marie team will inquire about your family's composition and travel style. This allows us to match you with one of our Nannies, especially if you are seeking specialized skills such as foreign languages. We can provide suggestions on Fastpass+ planning, dining reservations, hotels, and character experiences. Every recommendation provided is based upon personal experience. We offer hotel resort Site Assessments for families booking childcare at the resort. The Concierge Marie program is designed for each family participating in our program to have an optimal experience.

Are Your Hiring?

We are contacted several times a week by applicants excited about our brand. We are always in a constant state of hiring, retention, training, marketing, and placement. Find us on or email your resume to 


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